Stephen Tallamy

Stephen Tallamy is a composer with many years experience writing music for a range of mediums including musicals, theatre productions, weddings and other events.

His current focus is music composition for TV, movies and other video.

Based in Berkshire, Stephen writes music from a modern studio utilising a wide range of high quality instruments.

He composes both to video cues and bespoke pieces to be synchornized to picture, specialising in orchestral and hybrid styles.

He also loves Lego!

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Clips from films scored by Stephen Tallamy.

Good Mourning | Short Film about Mental Health

A short film about a man dealing with depression after the loss of a loved one. See full film on YouTube


The following are a selection of re-scores as a demonstration of Stephen's musical style and ability to convey the emotion of a cue.

Star Wars - A Force Awakens: Kylo & Han

Game of Thrones: Tyrion unchains Dragons